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Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to my group! This group is well for literature as if you couldn't already tell. We accept any type of literature you give us as long you submit it to the right folder. Well I hope you like the group and share it with your friends!
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Jun 23, 2012


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Icy Streets
I walk the icy streets alone. Couples with linked arms walk around me. Couples and friends.
I listen to the lonely beep of my apartment card in the security door.
I'm alone in the elevator. Through the elevator glass I watch the city plunge into darkness. I see a single figure faraway, my heart beats for a second. I watch for a moment in hope, that there is another single figure in this city. The distant figure breaks into two.
Two figures walking side by side on the icy paths.
I walk into the empty apartment. The heat greets me in silence. Pounding into my body. I quietly take off my jacket. It's not warm though. This overheated apartment, don't mistake it. It's as icy as the city's streets.  
:icondreamsalone:DreamsAlone 2 0
DOGE VIRUS by Pokemonartandbases DOGE VIRUS :iconpokemonartandbases:Pokemonartandbases 59 34
Taylor x Felix (Combined)(Reposted)

-Taylor's P.O.V-
 I'm going to visit my friend, Felix, in his Papa's mansion. He is one of my best friends, and I've missed him so much. I slip on my jean shorts, my Nirvana tee shirt, and my converse. I run a comb through my messy hair, and pull it back in a pony tail. I hear his kitty car horn, and dash outside. Felix hugs me tight, and I smile huge. " How've you been?" He tells me he's been good, and that he's missed me very much. He looks at me deeply with those perfect eyes, and he smiles. I get into his cherry red mustang convertible. And we drive off. It's a LONG drive from Long Beach to Canada... so we talked a lot. As soon as we enter the mansion, we are greeted by Felix's father. He gives me a rough and tough handshake, as usual. He shows me to my room, which is the second largest room in the house, besides Felix's. I give his dad a kiss on the cheek. He smiles, and brings my bags upstairs. I start unpacking, then I hear Felix stub hi
:icontheperfectbrunomars:theperfectbrunomars 0 0
Zayn Malik Fanfic (Combined)(Reposted)

Whoop Whoop! It's my best friend's birthday! So I get to spend the whole afternoon with him. I couldn't be happier. I slip on my floral swimsuit, then put a tee shirt and shorts on over. And of course, sandals for pool side. I walk right across the street to his house, and let myself in through the back gate.. like always. "Happy 21st birthday buddy!" I say as I hug him tight. He smiles, and hugs me back. He tells me I look beautiful, and offers me a Capri Sun. "How old am I ..? Five?" I giggle and take the Capri sun anyway. We get in the pool. The pool reflects his tattoos so well.. I wish I could touch them. Hell, I'm his friend.. He wouldn't care... I start to trace each and every tattoo on his chest and biceps. He smiles, and looks down at me. Damn my short self.
 By the way, I'm Janette. My boyfriends name is Jacob. Yes, I know two J's ... CREEPY .. Not really, he's a very kind man. We've been dating for about 3 months now. I have 1 brothe
:icontheperfectbrunomars:theperfectbrunomars 1 0
Reflecting Yellow
I dreamed of fields.
I dreamed of  a warm candle's soft light glow.
Safe. Sound.
A golden sunset. A golden dawn.
A golden dusk.
My dreams are sliced with your harsh, hard glare.
Yellow lightning to my drowning reality.
Yellow lightning to my shadowed darkness.
Leading. Deceiving.  Guiding. Electrifying.
Black out.
:iconastrikos:Astrikos 9 19
Dark cloud over Apple's Grove
Overlooking the clouds was a fortress structure that stood tall over the distant mountains.
Built on the backs of the citizens of Apple's Grove, this structure's many deep, dark crevices and caverns lay home to skeletal beasts and imagination's worst creations.
Magma engulfed most of the lower half of the fortress wall, making travel on foot to the structure impossible. No man had ever set foot inside the fortress walls.
The pathway through the forest across the narrow steel bridge to the fortress was sealed off more than three dozen millenia before man ever discovered they could make a home in Apple's Grove.
And to those who made their nest, grew their crops and sold their merchandise on a daily basis, had to endure the echoing cries and tortuous moans that found its way down the mountain, over the terrifyingly hot lava and through the dark forest. Cries of a once forgotten people who made their homes within the structure walls before that fateful day.
The day when the fortress was cu
:iconwilliamoutbreak:WilliamOutbreak 2 0
When I finally become a father
When I finally have my own child
it will be one of my greatest trials
no matter how hard it is
I would never quit
I would never push them onto someone else
I'll be a better parent than mine ever were
I will never leave them
I'll raise them the best I can
I'll be home every night
no matter how hard I have to fight
to be there
I'll always show them I care
No matter what they do I will always love them
I'll sing them llyabys as I play with my guitar
when they can't sleep
cook them breakfast
If I can find the time
teach them how to play catch
or play house
boy or girl it doesn't matter to me
All I truly want is my own family
So when I become a father
it would mean the whole world to me
hopefully its with the girl of my dreams
the woman who means everything
and could give me the chance to be a father
Though I know this is a harsh life
not everything goes right
but I will keep my head up high
and hope that I will meet the woman
who will give me the rest of her life
and become my first and la
:iconlustfuldevil:LustfulDevil 6 3
Thoughts run through my mind
Thoughts run through my mind
Always constant
Always in motion
Torturing my mental physicality
Driving me to the brink of insanity
Reliving the past
Remembering my present
And inventing my future
The darkness consumes me
And time stops
For just a moment
I am in blissful peace
:iconfunmonkeydragon:funmonkeydragon 12 0
Kill My Heart
I want to kill my heart, and bury it six feet into the ground.
I want to live with no boundaries at all.
What difference would it made if I said I love you, or not?
It's something you can't fel for someone who's bound to rot.
I want to kill my heart, and save myself from useless pain.
Everything I would give to a gluttonous cur; he ate and he ate and he ate.
What was left for me?
Nothing but a note at the door "I'm sorry-"
no... I'm done reading.
I'm sick of a broken record.
I want to kill my heart, and bring you down too.
Six feet into the ground; your warm lips turned to blue
:icondarkcloudassasin:DarkCloudAssasin 7 33
I wish I can have a dreamless night for once
Then I can sleep in peace knowing there won’t be dreams
That change into nightmares before my eyes
Each time I close my eyes it makes me wonder what dreams will come
Dreams full of mayhem and chaos
Visions that might come true later in the future
Haunting memories of the past
I pray each night that my Lord will protect me
Please hold me close and chase away these hallucinations
:icontheimpossiblewriter:TheImpossibleWriter 5 3
Quick Write: Hippie Picture
There was once a time when people fought for what they believed was right; for peace, love and freedom. These people went to the extreme to protect what they loved under any cost. In the sixties these people were called hippies. They lived under the motto of "make peace not war" to set the mood for their generation.
I was once one of those people. I followed the law of my heart to go against the prejudice of government. I used to feel my spirit move to the music of rock and roll. I used to protest against the insanity of society. I used to dance away the night in a flurry of light and color. I used to do many things.
Back on that fateful morning I would never have guessed what would happen. None of us could have seen this. I had loved this forest since a child and I was willing to do anything to save it; give anything. I guess I did. We chained ourselves to the old oak and waited for the bulldozers to confront us but it never did. We waited for friends to support us but they never did.
:iconanti-nutella:Anti-nutella 1 0
I'm just a useless ball of arrogance and stupidity
Hot-headed; my mind’s a realm of endless humidity
And I strongly regret that I still don’t seem to get
How people could mistake my crazy nature for lucidity
Becoming a fan of me, is like losing your sanity
Befriending me will your be downfall undoubtedly
And even though my insanity is thought of as a tragedy
I find most of the factors of my life to be a comedy
There’s always the question “what’s the point of my existence?”
Because I’m borderline crazy, and in need of emotional assistance
I don’t know what you people want from me; I’m an asshole in summary
And if you’re still reading after that, I admire your persistence
With all these skeletons in my closet I could be the Grim Reaper
I’m already a cursed soul, collectively
And when you get to the inside of me, I only get deeper
That’s a double entendre if you think about it figuratively
Normally my intelligence cov
:iconcrayonvshighlighter:CrayonVsHighlighter 6 11
The Bet...
Based on my crossover between The Cat Returns and The Great Mouse Detective, of how Toto and Muta got into the bet, they had. I thought it would make a funny little story. This is a one-shot.
I do not own The Cat Returns...but one day I will! MUHAHAHAHA-!
Oh umm- your still here? *cough* Anyway...Enjoy!
I Bet...
Muta glared up at Toto on the balcony, as he devoured a whole angel food cake in whole.
Toto smirked back at him.
Muta knew that look. It was the look that said "You glutton".
Muta growled quietly and stuffed a slice of cake in his mouth.
Baron and Haru, at the moment, were sitting on the couch in a friendly conversation while sipping on their tea.
Still chowing down on cake, Muta growled even louder, still feeling Toto smirking at him. Finally he decided to say something.
"Would ya quit staring at me while I eat?!"
"Oh... you finally said something. I was wondering when you would." said Toto in amusement.
"Quit staring at me, you birdbrai
:iconsindysugar:sindysugar 4 2
Counting Down To Reality
Close your eyes & count to three
And I'll make you believe in love again
I won't be there when you wake up
because I'm the reason why your heart won't come back.
when your grins & laughs are at a bloom,
don't come searching for the one
who couldn't kiss your frowns
goodbye because I
can only live
off your
I hope you always knew I wanted that smile to be because of me.
:iconatlantic-lungs:atlantic-lungs 14 10
He had the most doleful eyes,
a fragile, warming glow;
So different to other guys,
whose intentions I surely know.
With feigned grace, I so stride
into the sound and bass
like a child, I have to guide
him into the noisy place.
At my touch he shivers,
an electric current of shock,
rhythm like linear rivers,
and the ticking of the clock.
In disbelief he stares down,
tranced as though in wonder,
finding his soul-mate in the town,
surely it must be a blunder.
Half annoyed, I start to dance,
forcing him to move,
he shook his head, out of trance
then got into the groove.
He was gentle with his hands,
scared not to hurt,
fine and delicate as the sands;
his advances far from curt.
My lips then met his cheek,
the smooth result of shaving,
his aura, so soft and meek
only induced my craving.
Finding him this very night,
was like coming up for air,
I think he sunk my boat tonight,
something I felt so rare.
L. J. Fielding
This is a male version of "She"
:iconlukefielding:LukeFielding 9 3
Imaginary Love
Yes, I'm in love, unbelievably so
But she is far away, in a land you'll never know
In a land of creation, bearing closer to my heart
Than it does to reality, where only I have charted
Even though she has no name, nor a face, nor a dream
She is more infinitely complex than I might ever seem
Until the day I find her face, and learn her dreams, and know her name
Well, she will sleep in my head, where every day is the same
Because of my love, I could never love another
Never truly could I call another person my lover
Without carving my heart out from the shame and the guilt
And wish to cry every day until my blood has been spilt
But one night, perhaps, there will come into my sleep
A dream in which I meet you after counting my sheep
Together, we will be, but only late at night
As wrong as it may seem, I can only think it's right
For then my hand may run freely through your hair
Comforted by the thought that you will always be there.
:icontruefyr:TrueFyr 18 22


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